Glenn Dorsey Honored at East Ascension High School

East Ascension High School took time Thursday to show how proud it is of one of its own. He's an alumnus, an inspiration, and to some students, an icon. "He came from here, he's one of us. It's awesome, that he was actually a student here. He walked these halls, he was in this gym, he busted his head right here in this gym," says Tabitha Babin.

Glenn Dorsey may have gotten his fame from LSU football, but according to him, he got his start from E.A. High School in Gonzales. "I tell ya'll, it's an honor to stand before ya'll. East Ascension is my home and it always will be." Dorsey thought he was just visiting the school to give a speech a small group of students. "The sky's the limit. When I was coming to high school, people told me I was too short. They tell you things so you won't achieve your goal, but if you have your mind set, you can do it."

He was quite surprised when he found out he was really invited to become the first inductee into East Ascension High's Hall of Fame. "It is a real honor to have my jersey retired. This might even be the biggest thing I've achieved so far," he says.

His mother says every award and achievement just brings back everything it took to get here. "He did this, all of this. I'm picturing all the trips we took. It's coming back to me and it's like, 'Gosh, everything is moving so fast,'" says Sanvra Dorsey. "It's like I'm not even believing this is actually happening. It's like I'm wondering when I'm gonna wake up from a dream or something."

However, on this day, for these students, just meeting Glenn Dorsey was like a dream to them. "You can see the heart and dedication he puts into the game and what he does around the community," says Robert Williams. Glenn Dorsey Day was celebrated at the place where he says it all started.