Tuna and Tails from Bistro Byronz


4-6 wt oz Tuna
1/2 oz sesame mix
2 oz Asian glaze
1 oz wasabi cream
2 each tenderloin tails
1 tsp salt and pepper mix
1/2 oz Pops Marinade
5 oz roasted vegetables
1 and 1/2 oz mirin cucumber
2 oz frites


  • sprinkle tail with salt and pepper and grill to temp (baste with Pops)
  • roll tuna in sesame seed mix and grill to temp
  • brush with Asian glaze and flash
  • drizzle tuna with wasabi cream
  • roast vegetables
  • on large oval, place cucumbers to the right end; tuna on top
  • place ginger next to tuna
  • place steak on left end of plate
  • place frites in center of plate
  • place roasted vegetables in front of fries