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Ministry of New Beginnings Church Catches Fire

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A pastor is trying to figure out where her 125 parishioners will hold Sunday worship services after a fire ripped through their sanctuary on North Foster Drive around 4:00 Thursday morning. Investigators don't know what caused the blaze at New Beginnings Church. 

The red bows, wreaths, and white lights that were hanging around the church are now somewhere in a smoldering mess. Pastor Vanna Breckenridge rushed to the scene when she learned of the fire, but the flames had already ripped through the building.

She says this was a beautiful church, that was just shy of standing for five years. It was her first church to pastor. Now, Breckenridge is thinking about the things they couldn't save. "Piano, keyboard, drums, everything. Everything we had," she says. The only things to make it out were just a few choir robes.

"Yes, yes, and I'm hurting, but umm, at the same time, I'm strong in the Lord," she says. Pastor Breckenridge wonders how this could happen. She says Tuesday night, she remembers seeing a man try to get in the church. "I told him, I say, 'I believe you been sleeping here.' Said he hadn't. Told me didn't have anything to eat or anything," she says.

Now, she wonders if that person may be responsible for what she's calling an unfortunate accident. Even though her building is gone, Breckenridge says the church will be back. "I have to stay strong to let them know that it's alright. God has something better for us."

This fire is the third church fire in the past month. Pastor Breckenridge says she feels there's a bigger church in their future. Be sure to join us Friday on 9NEWS This Morning. Pastor Breckenridge will be in our studio, along with fire investigators to talk about the recent blazes.

Reporter:  Tyana Williams, WAFB 9NEWS


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