Tiger Mania!

LSU fans, possibly still pinching themselves to see if they're dreaming that LSU is in the national championship were shelling out hundreds of dollars per person for Tiger gear today.

LSU's campus... The one place you would expect to find students going crazy about the Tigers heading to the national championship was actually pretty calm today. It is just another Monday around LSU's campus, but around the city people are snatching up anything with LSU on it.

Employee's at Tiger Mania say it's been insanity all day. Their doors opened at nine this morning and the lines have been steady.

As for tickets, at ten this morning those 40,000 tickets West Virginia had bought for the national championship were back on sale by 10:20 a.m. Those have sold out. The good news is that LSU still has their allotted 16,000 tickets to divvy up. Of course you had to already put in a ticket request.

9NEWS is told that 2,000 tickets will go to the students. The rest are marked for players, coaches, and season ticket holders.