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I-10 Closure Travel Advice & Baton Rouge Traffic Cams

LIVE Traffic Cams from WAFB and DOTD

If you are headed west out of Baton Rouge toward Lafayette, I-10 is closed at Highway 415, and you are directed onto Highway 415 to Highway 190. However, you can also take I-110 to Highway 190 and avoid the traffic on Highway 415. If you are headed east to Baton Rouge, you will be forced to take I-49 north to Opelousas, and you can get onto Highway 190 from there.

LSU and Bayou Classic football game traffic:

From Shreveport to Baton Rouge: Motorists can take I-49 southbound to U.S. 190 eastbound.  Motorists are also encouraged to use U.S. Hwy 71 from Alexandria to either U.S. 190 eastbound or from U.S Hwy 71 to LA Hwy 10. LA Hwy 10 can be traveled to La Hwy 1 in New Roads, then southbound to U.S. 190. LA Hwy 1 can also be accessed from the Marksville area and traveled southbound to U.S. 190.

From Shreveport to New Orleans: 

Motorists are encouraged to take I-49 southbound through Lafayette.  I-49 will turn into U.S. Hwy 90, which is a direct route into New Orleans (westbank).

From Monroe or Arkansas: 

Motorists should use U.S. Hwy 165 southbound to Interstate 20 eastbound. Take Interstate 20 eastbound past Vicksburg, MS. East of Vicksburg, motorists can take I-55 southbound into Louisiana to LaPlace.  I-55 merges with I-10 eastbound at LaPlace just west of New Orleans.  Motorists can also take U.S. Hwy 61 southbound from Vicksburg directly into Baton Rouge. I-55 southbound also merges with I-12 eastbound at Hammond, LA.  I-12 westbound is a direct route into Baton Rouge.

Mississippi travelers to Louisiana or Texas:

Interstates 10, 12 and 20 are all open from Mississippi into Louisiana. Once in Louisiana, motorists can use the above recommended alternate routes from the Baton Rouge or New Orleans areas.


DOTD says it has sent two of its Motorist Assistance Patrol (MAP) vans to patrol U.S. 190 while traffic is detoured from Interstate 10. The vans will be patrolling U.S. 190 from La. 415 to Interstate 49 from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and will continue for the duration of the I-10 closure.

The patrols will help keep traffic flowing by assisting with tire changes, providing gasoline to get disabled vehicles to the nearest service station, helping disabled vehicles move out of the flow of traffic, cleaning up minor debris, and providing real-time traffic information to local law enforcement. People who need assistance from a MAP van should contact their local law enforcement agency and ask that they dispatch a patrol to their location.


State police are asking motorists to take several steps to make the drive less daunting:

  • Make sure you and your vehicle are ready for travel.
  • Plan for delays and leave early.
  • Be patient behind the wheel and do not get in a hurry.
  • If you are involved in a crash pull to the side of the road to avoid further back-ups.
  • Finally, be courteous to other motorists.


If you have questions about traffic, motorists may call 1-800-469-4828 to receive updated information about alternate routes. You can also call 511 from your cell phone or visit the State Police Road Closure page or www.lsp.org.

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