April 8, 2002 - Baby Zebra

What's new at the zoo? This week they are showing off a new baby. Phil Frost, director of BREC'S Baton Rouge Zoo, beams with pride. "Kids love baby animals," he says. "Adults love baby animals, so when they get a chance to come out and see something like this, it's a real treat."

The new arrival at BREC'S Baton Rouge Zoo is a newborn zebra, kind of "the eighth wonder of the zoo." This is the eighth time they have had a new baby zebra born here. This bouncing baby boy is a cute critter, but doesn't have a name yet, and isn't likely to get one.

Frost explains, "We actually try to avoid names with a lot of the animals. We want people to respect them as animals. They're not pets. We don't go out and pet them. They're cute, but we try to avoid putting names with them just so the people can respect it and enjoy it as a wild animal."

The new arrival is approaching the ripe old age of three weeks, but in the zebra family that makes him a toddler. Once again, Zoo Director Phil Frost -- "When you live in the plains of Africa where you're going to find lions and all sorts of other animals and you're born, you had better be up moving pretty quick!

So a zebra, soon as it's born, just in a matter of minutes, it is up on its feet -- stumbling, clumsy -- but it's moving around. You have to move around quick, or you're going to be dinner!" No danger of that here, just hungry eyes feeding on the beauty of nature.