The role of a Hospice Spiritual Care Coordinator with Odyssey HealthCare

Spiritual Care Coordinator, Bill Brewer
Spiritual Care Coordinator, Bill Brewer

Odyssey HealthCare Spiritual Care Coordinators address spiritual and religious needs of the patient and family. Depending on patient and family needs and desires, this may be accomplished by working with their private clergy or by meeting their needs directly.

Respect for the patient's and families' beliefs while being mindful to acknowledge the different cultures and values related to life's meaning is of utmost importance to the hospice team.

Odyssey HealthCare Spiritual Care Coordinators help the patients and their families deal with grief issues as well as, on request, assist with funeral and memorial services.

Other available services involve counseling, prayer, meditation and other sacred practices. Spiritual Care Coordinators also assist with educational programs designed to share information with local chaplains and others about the spiritual issues facing dying patients and their families. They also assist with grief support groups and other training programs as they relate to the spiritual dimension.

For more information call Odyssey HealthCare of Baton Rouge at (225) 753-1495.

Answer provided by:
Bill Brewer
Spiritual Care Coordinator
Odyssey HealthCare