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Can Odyssey hospice provide services to nursing home residents?

Amy Smith, Admissions Coordinator Amy Smith, Admissions Coordinator

Yes, nursing home residents have the same hospice benefits as any other terminal patient. The hospice team includes the attending physician, hospice medical director, RN's, home health aides, Masters level social workers, chaplains, and volunteers. The entire Odyssey team is available to the patient, family and nursing home staff to provide expert end of life care for the nursing home resident. Your loved one deserves this extra attention in their final days.

Many families choose to seek hospice care for their loved ones residing in nursing homes to ensure a dignified death in a familiar setting. Hospice care is appropriate for many end of life conditions including dementia, cardiac disease, strokes, pulmonary disease and failure to thrive. Odyssey hospice staff has the expertise and experience to provide the best end of life care to your loved one.

Odyssey hospice is available 24hr a day, 7 days a week by calling (225) 753-1495.

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