Changes to "Daylight Saving Time"


I know they recently moved the date on which we change the clocks. Didn't the Louisiana Legislature vote to keep the clocks the same for 1 year as a trial run?  Or do we have to change them?


Not exactly clear what you are asking ... Daylight Saving Time (DST, & a trivial point .. but it is "Saving" not "Savings") was moved by the feds ... up three weeks in the Spring and back one week in the fall.

States -- as I understand it -- have the option to completely ignore DST or implement it using the national rules, but cannot set their own local length of the DST season.

The feds reserve the right (after this year, I believe) to return to the old way of doing DST (1st weekend of April to last weekend of Oct), but will wait until after the Dept. of Energy (DoE) delivers a report to Congress.  The whole purpose of expanding DST by four weeks is to try and produce national energy savings, and DoE is supposed to do the energy evaluation.

Hope this helps.

Jay Grymes
Chief Meteorologist
WAFB Storm Team