Blanco and Jindal Meet to Discuss Transition

Gov. Blanco and Gov.-elect Jindal Discuss Transition (Photo by: Joe Langdale/WAFB-TV)
Gov. Blanco and Gov.-elect Jindal Discuss Transition (Photo by: Joe Langdale/WAFB-TV)

Governor Kathleen Blanco is now teaming up with Governor-elect Bobby Jindal to lobby Washington for more recovery dollars. Just four years ago, the two fought it out in a run-off election. Now, they've put on a completely different face. WAFB's Capital Correspondent Caroline Moses has the story.

Governor Blanco is already sharing her title with Governor-elect Bobby Jindal, and Jindal is sharing his water. It's not the same scene you saw four years ago. During a run-off debate, Blanco said, "There are many other opportunities besides elected office, thank you." Now, Blanco and Jindal are shoulder to shoulder, sharing tips and toasts.

She says, "I will join him in Washington at some point in the next few weeks, and we'll work both sides of the aisle together." Jindal says, "There's no difference in opinion in our view that federal government has an obligation to fund the Road Home program, an obligation to help us restore wetlands, and stronger levies to protect people of south Louisiana."

Blanco and Jindal say they'll meet with Washington leaders in the next couple of weeks. Their goal is to transcend party lines and get money promised for recovery. Blanco says, "We do know we have a certain level of commitment. We have not worked out a hard number." Jindal says, "I think we've got a moral obligation to keep our commitment made."

Blanco says Road Home money will run out come January and Louisiana needs the president's support. Jindal says, "I would certainly hope partisan politics has nothing to do with D.C.'s consideration of the Road Home shortfall." That shortfall is an estimated $4 billion, a shortage our current democratic governor has not yet been able to meet. She's hoping our Republican governor-elect will be able to help her get more federal money.