April 1, 2002 - Starr Shines On

From "The Big Easy" to an old Kentucky home on the Ohio river, Starr Smith loves to tell tales of the old south. But while he has written plenty about Louisiana, he has never touched on Baton Rouge.

However, this travel guru visited our city, to check out the hot spots for future reference. " I'm a story teller," says Smith. "But I'm a quintessential southern -- as we say in Mississippi -- I'm a southern boy!"

Starr Smith has spent several decades circling the globe for the likes of Newsweek Magazine and NBC radio, but after a career of chasing headlines this old southern boy just wants to spin yarns. The result is his book "Starr Smith's Southern Scenes." From his favorite city in the entire world, New Orleans, through 10 states of the deep south, it's a book of favorite southern stops -- not just in photographs but in the stories behind them.

Smith sees his writing style as, "Setting the stage and then move in with the background on the location, why you should go to that particular place." You're not going to find the Old State Capitol in Starr's book, but he says his visit to the Capital City has unearthed some gorgeous pictures and, of course, some wonderful Louisiana tales to tell. So just look for future editions. Starr Smith writes a regular travel column for the Montgomery, Alabama, "Advertiser."