Gov.-elect Bobby Jindal "Thank You" Tour Underway

Louisiana's new Governor-elect Bobby Jindal spent the day on a "thank you" tour. Jindal first stopped at the St. Tammany Justice Center in Covington to shake hands and thank his voters.

According to the Associated Press, Jindal's victory was the top story on television news in India. In January, Jindal becomes the first Indian-American governor in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Jindal's team is already planning how to take over the governor's mansion. They've started to organize at LSU's Kirby Smith Hall. That's the same building Governor Blanco used as a transitional office.

LSU police, Blanco aids, and some of Jindal's team are mapping out the space. Of course, Jindal is busy thanking voters across the state, and will be doing so through Wednesday.