Bobby Jindal Wins Governor's Race in Primary

Louisiana elected the youngest governor in the country Saturday night in Bobby Jindal. 54% of the vote was enough to put Jindal in the governor's mansion without a run-off. WAFB's Jim Shannon wraps up Jindal's acceptance speech.

Bobby Jindal became the first person elected governor of Louisiana to win in the primary election who is not an incumbent. He joked about his children moving into the mansion. He says, "I suspect the governor's mansion is going to be a little bit of a playground. I promise you this, we won't let them color on the walls."

Jindal says the work is just beginning. He talked of reform in the state, saying ethics is the lynchpin of change. Jindal's victory, while not particularly stunning because of his lead in the polls, did surprise many. So now, he urges everyone to pull together and get the state in the right light. "Don't let anyone talk badly about Louisiana. Those days are finally over," says the governor-elect.

As for the immediate future, Jindal will meet with reporters Sunday in Kenner. Transition teams are being organized and he expects the next month or so to be okay. He says, "I'm confident we're gonna have a smooth transition. Let's give her a round of applause."

The Jindal era starts Tuesday, January 17th. Candidate John Georges was the first to concede Saturday night. He was followed by Foster Campbell, and then, Walter Boasso.