March 27, 2002 - Bunny Goodies

How does a bunny mark his territory? No, it's not what you're thinking! There's an altogether pleasant answer down at the candy store. "It's a candy holiday. Everybody loves chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies."

And for 20 years at Chocollage, they have been catering to the sweet tooth -- the bunny tooth -- in all of us. Confectioner Janice Shaab says, "And now there's dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate, and it's all good, delicious, fresh, and I recommend it all. We have Schmidt, we have Godiva, chocolate from Belgium."

So with centuries of chocolate history, decades and decades of Easter tradition and 20 years in business, just how do you jazz up the chocolate bunny? Well, you take some white chocolate, you melt it down, you add a little food coloring, and -- BAMMO! -- start giving the bunnies names -- your name, your kid's name, your sweetie's name.

"I guess it's a family tradition," says Janice. "The kids would wake up in the morning wondering whose bunny was whose. They started putting names on them. The Chocollage has been doing it for years, and now we're starting to repeat. We did the children years ago, and now we're doing the children's children."

Holding down a job that most of us would gladly kill for, Janice answers the question that most of us have already asked. "I eat it all," she says. She is so slim, what's her secret? "I think my thyroid is out of whack." But for most of us, Easter is only once a year. Chocollage has two stores -- one in Village Square and one at the Bocage Shopping Center.