March 14, 2002 - Krisy Kreme

Zero, goose egg, doughnut -- not words you normally want to use to describe your retirement investment. But the latest news from Wall Street makes one of those words look like a pretty good buy.

Enron stock is so low it has to look up to see bottom. Wal-Mart has passed Exxon-Mobil as the biggest corporation on the planet. Greenspan can't make up his mind whether we're in a recession or not, and what is the lead story on the financial page? Doughnuts!

"They're heaven," says the man in the doughnut shop. "They're warm, they're irresistible. A lot of things about doughnuts is that they bring back warm memories." But not just any doughnut -- Wall Street has gone ga-ga over Krispy Kreme.

While the rest of corporate America was wringing its hands in the last quarter of 2001, Krispy Kreme was doubling its sales. That bears looking into. Let Lou Dobbs hang out around E.F. Hutton. I went to the source. When Krispy Kreme talks, Tumey listens.

Six thousand dozen doughnuts a day come off the conveyor at Krispy Kreme's Baton Rouge bakery The doughnut man is Roy Dodez of Krispy Kreme. "People gather over a dozen doughnuts. It's part of a special event," says Roy.

In other words, sink your 401k into something you can sink your teeth into! Krispy Kreme has been selling doughnuts on Plank Road since 1959, and this summer they will open up a satellite bakery on Siegen Lane.