March 12, 2002 - Tiniest Waitress

How do you measure the quality of a restaurant? Certainly, the food plays a huge role, but so does the service. And one Baton Rouge eatery has the prettiest waitress you're ever likely to see.

Like any good waitress, Veronica Phan is there to take in the orders, dispense the food, bring in the cash and make change. Her mom watches and remarks, "Whenever she does a good job, we give her a bottle. She's still on the bottle."

Veronica's shoes squeak like little squeeze toys as she roams through the tables. Being a superb waitress, she mixes well with the customers. She has been helping out around her mom and dad's Seafood House where Scenic Highway crosses Fairchild ever since she was born, a full 16 months ago.

"She started a month after she was born," says her mother, Kathy Phan. "And she has been here ever since, and once she could walk, she just loved to do it. Whatever we order, Veronica will bring it back to her dad so her dad can make the order and bring it out."

Is that something they hired her to do, or did she just pick it up on her own? "She just picked up on her own," says Kathy. Then she smiles and adds, "No, we hired her. That's her job!" The service is great, and if the tips are pretty good, Veronica will even blow you a kiss. And with those squeaky shoes, you'll never have trouble figuring out where your waitress is!