Floodwall Commemorates Hurricane Katrina

We all remember the scenes in New Orleans in the months after Hurricane Katrina, houses turned inside out, yards and streets filled with everything that used to be inside those homes.

Well, artist Jana Napoli took it upon herself to travel the city and collect a specific item, attempting to catalog the stories that went with these piles of belongings. She collected drawers, actually more than 600 of them. She has a huge map of the city showing where each drawer was collected from.

More importantly, she has those drawers. Each has a story, and she's putting them together in a memorial wall, a floodwall. WAFB's Matt Williams caught up with her, at her wall, at the Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge.

"I returned to New Orleans in October of 2005 to find the city silent in a way that no tv clip could prepare me for," said Napoli. "I went to my old neighborhood, Lakeview, where I grew up. I remember as a child, walking the streets wondering what was inside those houses. Now, entire lives were belched onto streets, in front of their houses. I realized there was a story that needed to be told."

If you think you may have a story to share, you can contact Jana through our website. They have hundreds of drawers that don't have a story yet, so The Floodwall is still very much a work in progress.