Congressman Jindal Comments on FEMA Trailers and Senator Vitter

U.S. Representative Bobby Jindal
U.S. Representative Bobby Jindal

Federal health officials will begin looking into the dangers of formaldehyde in FEMA trailers. Dangerous levels of the chemicals, which could cause cancer, have been found in scores of FEMA trailers. U.S. Representative Bobby Jindal took part in a congressional hearing into the trailers on Capitol Hill, Thursday.

Jindal, who announced Monday he is running for governor, was in Baton Rouge Friday to pick up an endorsement from the National Rifle Association. When asked about the formaldehyde in the trailers, he said it's time that FEMA make good on some promises.

Congressman Jindal says, "We've heard good words before. They promised the committee they'd be testing months ago, they didn't do it. We heard a lot of good things yesterday. Now, we need to see some action."

Jindal also commented about the prostitution scandal surrounding fellow Republican, David Vitter. Jindal says he hopes his colleagues on the Hill can see past the Vitter scandal and focus on the needs of Louisiana.

Congressman Jindal says, "The recovery of Louisiana is so much more important than one person. We have to tell our colleagues. If people are looking for an excuse not to help us, they can find dozens of excuses. There are thousands of people down here that have nothing to do with politics."

Jindal says state lawmakers can show the rest of the country we're trying to help ourselves by spending our dollars wisely.