February 25, 2002 - The Oldest Mechanic

Tired of your job? There's a man who retired from his 30 years ago, but just keeps on doing it -- after 80 years!

"I was born in 1907," says Adam Loup. "That makes me 95-years-old, and I've been working ever since, never have stopped." Adam Loup has been an auto mechanic for 80 years. He worked at it professionally for 50 years, retired 30 years ago, but still tinkers with the old automobiles in his garage.

"I just like to work on them," he says. "I do any kind of work." I found Mr. Loup rebuilding a 1924 model-T touring car. Sitting next to it is a 1925 model-T coupe. That one is a done deal - as done as anything ever is in this place. As long as it's in Adam Loup's garage, he'll find a reason to tinker with it. "I just love to fool with old cars."

Not that he thinks that cars were built better 'way back when. "These cars, 1925, 'way back in the '20s, they were not very efficient," he explains. So as he puts his model-T together, he'll correct all the mistakes that Henry Ford made 'way back then.

Mr. Loup says, "I guess that I'm the oldest mechanic around." I'd say he's one of the youngest. The best car ever built? Well, Adam Loup says the best one he ever owned was a 1984 Buick. He likes the computerized carburetor GM put in it.