Record Hot Temperature


We were wondering what the hottest temperature on record is for anywhere
in the world.  Also, what is the hottest temperature on record for Iraq?  We have tried to research it on the web but have met much frustration and few answers.


In 1922, the temperature reportedly reached 136F one day in Libya -- but there is some minor debate about whether this is indeed a reliable reading.

More certainty exists with the U.S. record, which is also considered the global record by some sources.  In California's Death Valley, the thermometer hit 134F in 1913.

By the way, Louisiana's all time record is an amazing 114F, recorded in Plain Dealing (on the LA/Arkansas border north of Shreveport--With the state's alltime record Low Temp of -16F ... yep, that's a MINUS 16!!!)

Extreme highs across Iraq (depending on where in the country) range from roughly 115-125F ... the highest temperature that I could find for Baghdad (over the past 5-10 years) is 122F.

Jay Grymes
Chief Meteorologist
WAFB Storm Team