February 21, 2002 - Blue Crawfish

You don't have to go down to Blue Bayou with Linda Ronstadt to spot a blue crawfish. One local market has them in stock and on display.

Bill Pizzolato gazes at the fish swimming around in his aquarium. "My brother wanted to put in an attraction," he says, "So that people in the deli could come over here and pass some time while they're waiting on their food." The Pizzolato brothers succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Their new aquarium at Tony's Seafood has become a tourist attraction, and they have stocked it big-time -- catfish, Oscar, turtles, bream, crawfish, even blue crawfish.

"You see them every once in a while," says Bill. "When the ladies are sorting crawfish over the conveyor, they'll spot a blue crawfish, and we'll put them in the aquarium. It's not very many, but some do come up every once in a while, and when we get them, we'll put them in the aquarium. It makes it look pretty."

A few months ago a blue crawfish at Tony's Seafood would have ended up in the boiling pot along with all the rest of them, but now that he has found safe haven in Tony's aquarium, his troubles aren't over. Ask Bill, who will tell you, "The crawfish have to be careful of bass and the catfish. Sometimes you see some of the bigger crawfish, they're able to take care of themselves. The smaller crawfish we put in there, sometimes they'll get gobbled up quick!"

Well, that's nature. Big fish eat little fish. As we watch, a shiner strays too close to the albino catfish and is promptly devoured. Bill and his brothers work hard to keep frog and fish fed, but nature will take her course from time to time.