Capitol Experts Sound Off on This Year's Session

The 2007 legislative session just ended Thursday, and local experts are already commenting on the "ooohs" and "ahhhs" of it all. The League of Women Voters of Baton Rouge held a post-session luncheon Friday, where Capitol experts sounded off on the state's progress.

They recognized the governor's success in pushing her education budget and the legislature's success in reforming insurance. However, they also pointed out the lack of ethics reform and excessive spending for future administration to sort out.

John Maginnis, a syndicated columnist, says, "This was a fantasy session for these legislators with more money than they could spend, although they managed to spend it all."

The speakers' main frustrations were with the lack of ethics reform, lack of road funding, and the unfortunate lack of an attitude for change among legislators.

They all expect next year, with so many seats up for grabs, to bring an entirely new set of ups and downs.