Legislature Votes to Ban Cockfighting

The Louisiana legislature has finally come to an agreement on how to ban cockfighting in Louisiana, and now, all that's left is the governor's signature. Lawmakers agreed to phase out the sport over one year, but the compromise is to immediately ban gambling at the fights.

Louisiana is the last state in the country to take action against cockfights. The hold-up was on whether to ban the sport immediately or to phase it out. It took until now to find some middle ground. The Senate passed the compromise bill unanimously, and everyone in the House except Elbert Guillory of Opelousas voted for the bill.

Representative Hollis Downs (R-Ruston) says, "It's all done. It's in the bank now, and I think we owe him a round of applause, Representative Ritchie, for the job you did."

After much heated debate, legislators expect Governor Blanco to sign off on the phase-out bill, and put an end to cockfighting once and for all. Governor Blanco's press secretary confirms that the governor does plan to sign the bill into law.