The Debate Continues on When to End Cockfighting in Louisiana

The fight to end cockfighting in Louisiana is nearing a critical turn. Thursday morning, not enough representatives showed up to even start the meeting to debate a bill that would end cockfighting immediately.

The afternoon could hold even more challenges in legislators' fight to find an end to the sport.

House Agriculture Chair Francis Thompson had to call an end to his meeting before it even got started.

Senator Art Lentini wanted to debate his bill Thursday morning to immediately end cockfighting, but House members already have their own bill to phase-out the sport over a year, so not enough House members showed up for the senator's immediate ban bill.

The House phase-out bill has already made it to a conference committee, where members from both the House and the Senate will work to find some common ground on when to end cockfighting in Louisiana.

If they can agree on an end date, the compromise bill goes back to both chambers for approval, then to the governor's desk for her signature.

There are still quite a few obstacles to climb, and only a week left to do it.

We'll have more tonight on a key bill in this debate that would end gambling at the fights.