February 13, 2002 - City Café

"Let's do lunch." More than half-a-century before anybody uttered that now tired phrase, folks were doing lunch at the City Café in Plaquemine.

"The City Café started around 1919. Their slogan was "A Plaquemine Tradition", says Plaquemine historian Tony Fama. It's an eight decade tradition that not even that big fire back in the '90s could stop.

Iola Williams knows. She was working at the City Café when it went up in smoke, watched it burn, and like the faithful customers, she came back. "Well, the people here are so nice," says Iola. "I'm nice, and they're nice." One of those nice people is Janice Lofaso. Her family has been running the City Café for the last 3 1/2 years.

The City Café has special meaning to Tony Fama. Tony supplied 140 of the photos which line the walls of the City Café. Tony explains, "The reason I have my pictures here is that I have a lot of respect for these people because they've been an institution since 1919 -- having delicious food, but also preserving the story of Plaquemine."

So tell them that you're going to do lunch at the art gallery and museum. They'll be expecting finger sandwiches and weak tea. They'll get a pleasant surprise. The City Café was owned by the Miranda family from 1919 until Alfred Courville bought it three years ago.