Session June 4th: Teen Drivers

Teen drivers could soon face some more driving restrictions. Representative Dale Erdey of Livingston wants to stop new drivers from getting distracted on the road.

He says traffic accidents are the number one killer for teens, so he's pushing a bill to try and stop that. Representative Erdey wants to make a law restricting the number of teens that can ride together in a car.

Any first-year driver would only be allowed to have one other teen in the car with them between 5:00am and 11:00pm. The only exception would be for other immediate family members.

Erdey says the bill is meant to target inexperienced drivers and make them pay attention. He says many studies show teens are more at risk when they're riding with a group of friends because they're more likely to get distracted, and a recent deadly accident in his district involving five young drivers helped motivate him to take action.

Now some representatives on the transportation committee have concerns with Erdey's bill. They are afraid that limiting the number of teens allowed in a car will mean more drivers and less car pooling, and with high gas prices, they say some families could get upset.

In spite of this, Representative Erdey's bill made just made it out of committee and will go next to the House floor for a vote.