Session May 30th: Drag Racing, Smoking Changes

Lawmakers say drag racing on public streets is responsible for too many deaths in Louisiana. Wednesday at the State Capitol, a bill that would make it tougher on people who do it is making progress at the legislature.

Senator Don Cravins, Jr. is proposing legislation that would make drag racing on public roadways a felony in Louisiana. In other words, anyone arrested for doing it could face jail time and a hefty fine. The bill was crafted with teens in mind since they're among the worst offenders. All that's left for the proposal to become law is a vote on the House floor and the governor's signature.

There are also discussions going on at the Capitol over a bill that could ban smoking in casinos, bars, and all private clubs. The bill started with Representative Bobby Faucheux of Laplace trying to amend the current smoking law to allow smoking in private clubs. When he saw he didn't have the support, he asked for an all-out ban.