"We Have a Dream - Rev. Jennifer Jones"

This community leader is transforming the lives of Baton Rouge residents from the inside out. And, although she's acting on her dream of helping people, she's hoping we all have a dream to do the same.

It's Sunday at Shiloh Baptist church and all eyes are on ordained Baptist minister Jennifer Jones. Although she has a powerful voice, she admits that it's a gift she uses wisely to bridge the gap between the church and the community.

"And, that's what I'm about...not about what needs to happen for Jennifer Jones, but what happens for the people in this community", says Reverend Jones. When people have issues with blighted housing, drugs and prostitution in their community, Jones says she works hard to put them in touch with city officials to let their voices be heard. Keep in mind these are folks who otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

During the last mayoral race, Jones was instrumental in helping north and south Baton Rouge residents understand how important it is to vote. Her passion to help others was fueled by challenges of her own. Many she faced at Baton Rouge high, during the schools second year of integration.

"The FBI had to come and get us out, where people were actually spitting on me and teachers would watch it happen, I would have to at least make an a to get a c", Jones says. She also says she became a stronger person from that experience. But, today her strength comes from what she finds inside the church building. And she tries to spread that strength throughout the community.

Jones also reaches out to the community through working interfaith network, a non-profit organization with members from churches all over the city. Jones says the group's goal is to empower the community through education and awareness.