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Pat Prokop: Meteorologist

Patrick Prokop

Pat joined WTOC in November, 1980 after working briefly in Wichita, Kansas and in Joplin, Missouri beginning his broadcast career in 1977 at KOAM, Pittsburgh, KS.   Pat received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Murray State University in 1975 with his formal meteorological education earned from the Graduate School of Meteorology of St. Louis University in Missouri.  Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Pat developed an interest in weather as a young boy being born with a love of nature.  He also has an interest in astronomy, computer programming , gardening, composting and environmental care.  He has been studying the science of global warming (now known as global climate change) since being a graduate student in 1976 and has currently read over 18 books on the science along with numerous scientific articles and has attended workshops on the science. 

Pat also loves the world of gardening.   He has over 300 different varieties of exotic daylilies and other perennials in his home garden.  He enjoys starting tomatoes and other vegetables from seeds to raise in his home vegetable garden.  He maintains his lawn and gardens using all solar power to operate his mower, trimmers, air blower and cultivator.  He has installed a 2 kilowatt off-grid solar power station and a 3.2 kilowatt grid tie-in system that supplements his electrical power needs at home.  Excess generated solar energy is sold at a rate of 17 cents per kilowatt-hour to Georgia Power.  He also owns a 50 gallon solar hot water heater which supplies him and his wife with nearly all their hot water needs.   All of this greatly reduces his monthly electric bill with mild months of the year owing zero or less.

Pat is also active at Asbury Memorial United Methodist church in Savannah and maintains their web site: .   Pat has been married to his wife Mary since 1974 and they both love living in Savannah.  They live in a house where they both are the caretakers of the three cats that live there.

 You can contact Pat at:
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