Driver of a Car Attempts to Stop School Bus from Turning Around

A school bus driver recently found himself in a bizarre situation. Steven Washington says, "You don't try to stop a bus with a car." Bus driver Steven Washington says when a kid on his bus from Northeast High got unruly, he decided to turn the bus around. That act enraged the rest of the kids on the bus.

The bus driver demonstrated how one of the kids on the bus then tried to step on the brake to stop the bus from turning around. Sheriff's deputies charged the student for trying to stop the bus.

Before the bus driver could get control of that situation, he says another guy pulled up alongside the bus in a Monte Carlo and tried to run him off the road. He believes this was also an attempt to stop the bus from turning around.

The young man driving the car admits he tried to stop the bus after his sister called him from the bus. The young man says he tried to use a move he learned off television to stop the bus. Sheriff's deputies cited the young man in the Monte Carlo and the bus driver for driving recklessly.