"Katrina" Losing Popularity as Baby Name

The name Katrina isn't in vogue these days. But she isn't persona non grata, either. According to new data released by the social security administration, only about 850 baby girls in the united States were named Katrina last year, dropping it more than 100 slots on the popularity list. At a rank of 382nd, it now sits just below Brenna.

Ironically, the two states that suffered most of Katrina's wrath bucked the trend, if only in small numbers. In Louisiana, the number of babies named Katrina jumped from eight in the 12 months before the storm to 15 in the 12 months after the storm. In Mississippi, 7 babies were given the name from 2004 until the storm hit in August 2005. The number climbed to 24 from September 2005 through the end of 2006.