Now What Happens to That $400 Million Approved by the Legislature

So, what's next? Just picture it:  LSU just lost to Bama. A hush has settled over Death Valley and the fans aren't talking much as they leave. But, tomorrow is another day and there will be another chance to play, at least Governor Blanco thinks so. After her news conference at the State Capitol Friday, the governor made a very nice gesture.

She took her entourage to Hymels on River Road, a world-renowned institution in St. James Parish, where jumbo fried shrimp are king. She came here to be with and thank the people she says worked so hard to bring the steel mill into their community. And outside among reporters, she said new opportunities are already abundant. She says, "We have at least five leads, five projects interested in the site. They want to do a deep analysis. We're going to be working with any interested parties that might want to come and in many ways, this is the first time Louisiana has been able to get this close to such a big prize. We are players."

And there's another bright spot. $3 million was invested in the mill project up front. We won't get that back. Then, there's that $400 million we won't be giving ThyssenKrupp. It's in grave danger of being tossed into the lion's den called the state legislature. If so, it'll be gobbled up like red meat and we can only hope some of it is well used.