February 5, 2002 - All That Glitters Is Gold

Who's busier than a beat cop in the French Quarter on Fat Tuesday? How about the folks who supply the beads and throws?

In Harahan the Accent Annex is shipping carnival supplies around the world. Here all that glitters is gold. Owner Dom Carlone says, "The big thing that I like about this business is that that item you're looking at right there will never go out of style. And it won't spoil. You'll never have to throw it away."

Dom ships Mardi Gras baubles, beads and cups to the world. It's always Mardi Gras at Accent Annex. But this week stuff is flying out of the huge warehouse. How huge is it? 94,000 square feet.

"We ship it back to China and Hong Kong," says Dom, with a touch of irony. "That's the amazing thing. It all comes from there, and we get an order from there, and we have to ship it back to them! That kind of ticks us a little bit because that's unusual. What are they doing in China with Mardi Gras? But they do it."

And they do it in San Francisco,Troy, Michigan and San Juan, Puerto Rico. And Dom Carlone is there in spirit and glitz if not in person. Accent Annex also has 12 retail stores from Mobile to Houston including one at 12455 S. Harrell's Ferry Road in Baton Rouge.