Police Believe Same Suspect Robbed Two Different Stores

Surveillance from Walker Sonic Robbery
Surveillance from Walker Sonic Robbery

Two stores are robbed in two days, and police believe the same man is behind it all. First, they say he robbed a Circle K in Baton Rouge this past Friday. Then Saturday, police believe he grabbed a wad of cash from a Sonic in Walker. And they have something to go on. Both crimes were caught on camera.

WAFB 9 NEWS spoke with a couple of employees who were inside Sonic after midnight on Saturday when a man barged in armed and threatened their lives. Walker police believe they have a lead on both robberies and say it's thanks to an extra eye that every business needs. A surveillance video caught the thief in action.

Witnesses say he rushed inside through the back door of Sonic and demanded cash. Kelly Vicknair says, "'Give me the bag!' 'Here, you can have it.' I had my hands up, he could have had everything in that store." Kelly Vicknair says the robber threatened to kill everyone in the store if he didn't get what he wanted.

Witnesses had a similar story to tell when a Circle K on Flannery and Old Hammond was robbed Friday. There were also pictures from that robbery. Walker police believe it's the same man. Chief Hunter Grimes says, "You're looking at someone that's wearing the same clothing each time he committed a crime. Obviously, we are not dealing with the sharpest tool in the shed." Walker Police Chief Hunter Grimes says a tool used by the thief both times was a handgun.

Lillian Vicknair remembers being threatened with that very weapon. She says, "Really and truly, I thought we were going to die that night. We were all terrified. He got the money and told everyone to sit on the floor. And, if we moved he would come back and kill us, and we believed him."

Police Chief Grimes believes surveillance cameras make a huge difference when it comes catching criminals. He's pushing for a change in Walker, trying to get an ordinance where if someone doesn't have a camera system in their business, to get them installed. He says without a camera in this case, right now, all police would have to look for is a person wearing a brown hoodie. Chief Grimes tells WAFB 9NEWS he's working with East Baton Rouge sheriff's deputies to get this thief or thieves off the street. We're told they do have someone in custody that just might be their guy.