SU System Pres. Delivers Report of Allegations against Board Chairman

Ralph Slaughter
Ralph Slaughter

An in-house investigation is being launched at Southern University into allegations of sexual harassment against chairman of Southern's Board of Supervisors, Johnny Anderson. The allegations were made by some female employees last fall. And, board members got a chance to see those allegations for the first time this weekend.

We have learned from various sources that system president Ralph Slaughter delivered to the board of supervisors meeting this past Saturday, as instructed, a report of the sexual harassment allegations made by eight or more female employees. This information was for the eyes of board members only. It was the first time the members had seen the report of the allegations made against Anderson. The report revealed what complainants allege transpired between them and the board chairman.

Copies viewed by board members were collected after the viewing and shredded to protect identities of the complainants. An existing copy will be delivered to Southern's in-house Human Resource and Equal Employment coordinator, who will conduct an investigation to the extent that the complainants choose to cooperate.

Also at Saturday's meeting, system president Ralph Slaughter was slapped with a suspension on a motion by board member Tony Clayton. Clayton said, "I move that the president be placed on suspension on administrative leave with pay for a period of 60 days, effective immediately." Indications are that President Slaughter was suspended at least in part because he sought to go outside the university for an investigation of the harassment claims. When he did that, the allegations against Anderson became public. Slaughter is to return to his position as system president July 5th.

Paul Gates has reported in an earlier story that Anderson allegedly made unwanted and unwelcomed sexual advances towards female employees, some on the promise of getting promotions. One alleged that Anderson told her he was responsible for her promotion and wanted sexual favors for his help. Johnny Anderson has proclaimed his innocence of these allegations.