January 30, 2002 - Rhymes 'n' Times

That plastic spider flying across the classroom may not be a kid's prank. It might be the latest innovation in math. Can you imagine? Having that kind of fun while learning your "times" tables?

Anita Turner could. She invented this teaching aid, called Rhymes 'n' Times. "I was teaching in a third grade classroom and there were students there who couldn't add or subtract," she says, "but they actually learned to multiply through this program.

One thing led to another, and I just made up rhymes and different activities, and the kids just wanted more, and so I just kept giving them more." Worms and bugs and, well, rhymes.

Like magic, they pick up the "times." and keep them. As 3rd grade teacher Christine Santhin explained, "We're hearing from our fourth grade teachers that the rate of retention is very high. Fourth grade teachers are very pleased."

Teachers say they've seen F's turn into A's, and Rhymes 'n' Times has caught on in 19 parishes. Have we got the next "Hooked on Phonics" coming right out of East Baton Rouge? Inventor Anita Turner says, "Maybe, sure -- this could be the sister to "Hooked on Phonics." Sure, sure -- we hope so!"

If you would like to find out more about Rhymes 'n' Times, click on the link below.