Deadline to Comment on Proposed Air Permit is Approaching

The deadline for public comment about a proposed air permit for Exxon Mobil is fast approaching. Because of a mandate by the federal government, Exxon must reduce the amount of sulfur in the gasoline you put in your trucks and cars. But to accomplish that reduction during production means an increase in the amount of pollutants Exxon must release into the air.

If the permit is granted by the Department of Environmental Quality, Exxon will be able to increase its air pollutant emissions by 649 tons per year. The head of an environmental group says that's "too" much.  Stephanie Anthony with La. Democracy said, "they have to make the gas they don't have to put 649 tons of poison on the people of Baton Rouge..what it will do is remove 90 percent of the sulfur from gasoline used by cars so that the car company can install higher quality catalytic converters."

For the second time this month DEQ is taking public comments on the Exxon-Mobil permit. You can fax your written opinions to the office of permits. The number is 765-0222.