Global Warming on Other Planets


On Venus, the atmosphere is 97% carbon dioxide supposedly causing a runaway
greenhouse effect.  If that were so, then the planet would get hotter and
hotter, causing its destruction.  
I think that it does not have a greenhouse effect, it is just simply the way the atmosphere is when a planet is that close to the Sun. Mars, on the other
hand, seems to have no problem staying cool despite having carbon dioxide making up 95% of its atmosphere.  It is also farther away from the Sun than Earth.  What do you think?

Some recent studies suggest that Mars is indeed getting warmer . . . a fact that some skeptics of human-caused warming here on Earth use to argue that it MUST be solar radiation that is the "warming" cause for BOTH planets. Much more needs to be done in this hypothesis, but it is certainly intriguing!

Here is something to view when you have time:
I've seen it, and am hoping to very slowly walk through it sometime in the next couple of weeks.  "The Global Warming Swindle" ("GWS") must be taken with the same-sized grain of salt as Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" ("AIT") . . . both documentaries include some "inconvenient" flaws and half-truths.  However, taken together, they BOTH paint a good overview of the "heated debate" behind the science of global warming and climate change.
Just for a moments sake of humor, you might find this article interesting.  It suggests that particles in the atmosphere are causing global warming on Mars too (so the reality is that Martians have SUVs) well anyway...
Here is an article about Mars.

Jay Grymes
Chief Meteorologist
WAFB Storm Team