Coastal Cities vs. Rising Waters


I am from Morgan City, Louisiana.  There is a flood wall along Front Street, and the city might appear to be a walled city due to these high flood walls. If the
global warming is real then the melting ice from wherever it melts would make the water
level rise, which would force Morgan City (and Berwick
because they  have identical floodwalls) to close the floodwall doors to keep the water

I do believe that if the coastal communities are going to remain where they are in our state, then engineered solutions are the only way to protect these areas.  The problem then becomes whether "hard" structures (like permanently closed sea walls) further increase the rates of coastal erosion and land loss.  I am neither a coastal engineer nor a coastal sedimentologist, but my concern is that for many coastal communities, we will be forced to choose between protecting one at the expense of the other.  Protecting BOTH the communities and the natural coastal zone looks like an enormous task!

Jay Grymes
Chief Meteorologist
WAFB Storm Team