Weather Map's Water Coloration


I am very curious about the Louisiana weather map.  I would like to know why there are the red spots below Lafayette on the map you show. Are these related to the salt domes?   According to my maps they are in the area of Grand and White lakes as well as Calcasieu.


The "red spots" I think that you are noting on the maps are inland lakes in Vermilion, Cameron and Calcasieu parishes.

Yes .. they SHOULD/COULD be colored blue to denote water, but the satellite was calibrated in such a way that it detected so much turbidity (muddy water) that it did not know how to "encode" those lakes.  Our mapping service .. the company that made the base maps .. chose to use the satellite encoded colors rather than "clip" the satellite image and paint in the water.

We asked them about that when we first obtained the system of maps .. they have already corrected Ponchartrain, and they agreed to fix Lake Maurepas and Lake Verret, but were unwilling to do the entire state without a substantial commitment of resources.  Since we could not expend the additional "resources", this is what we received.  Actually, that coloring scheme is not all that uncommon, although "newer" presentations (like Google Maps) have corrected for it.

I suspect that it will be fixed on a future "update" for WAFB ... but that could be a little while down the road.

Jay Grymes
Chief Meteorologist
WAFB Storm Team