School Officials Meet to Put Valley Park on the Right Track

Valley Park Alternative School has been making all the wrong headlines recently, and school officials say it has opened their eyes. Thursday night, Valley Park staff, parents, and EBR superintendent of schools Charlotte Placide met. And, their one goal is to get Valley Park on the right track.

From a Paul Gates Report:

"He got a knife, who got a knife, that dude getting off the bus, hold on a minute."

Remember those excerpts from our previous reports of kids getting pushed out the back of the school bus, and what appears to be marijuana in torn out seat pockets of the bus? It seemed like a daily occurrence, kids being led away by sheriff's deputies, fights, and upset parents. Valley Park principal Pamela Mackie says scenes like these were an eye opener. Mackie asks, "Are we doing enough? Are we making enough of a positive impact on students?" She then says, "And evidently, we were not doing enough."

So now, the East Baton Rouge school district and community members have stepped in. Valley Park now has a new assistant principal. Two social workers and behavioral specialists have been added to the staff, along with more resource officers. And transportation aides are now riding along with students on the bus. Mackie says, "The district and the city came to my rescue by offering all kinds of services for me in helping make a positive difference, make a positive difference with our kids and to change negative behaviors into positive behaviors."

Principal Mackie says she has been getting all types of calls from different community organizations wanting to mentor and help the kids at Valley Park. So, she and her staff are hoping for some positive changes for the alternative school.