Breaux: "I am a citizen of Louisiana"

Former United States Senator John Breaux said Thursday afternoon he -is- a citizen of Louisiana and he hopes to run for governor of the state.   "Let me be very clear, I am a citizen of the state of Louisiana," Breaux said.  

The Louisiana Republican Party has questioned whether Breaux should be allowed to run for the office, since the state's constitution says a candidate must have been a resident of the state for the previous five years.   Breaux is currently registered to vote in Maryland, and lists his primary residence as being located in Maryland.

Breaux met with reporters in Lake Charles Thursday afternoon before attending an event for McNeese State University.   "I was born in Louisiana, I went to grammar school in Louisiana, I went to high school in Louisiana, I went to college in Louisiana, I went to law school in Louisiana, I served Louisiana in Congress for 14 years, (and) I served Louisiana in the United States Senate for 18 years," Breaux said.   "I own a house in Crowley, my hometown.  I own property in Louisiana that I've paid and still pay taxes on."

Breaux is currently waiting on an opinion from Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti about whether Foti believes Breaux should legally be allowed to run.   A spokeswoman for Foti's office said Thursday she did not know when that opinion would be ready.   Breaux says he hopes Foti "will make it (the opinion) as strong and clear as he possibly can."   Breaux says he will be "guided" by Foti's opinion in making his final decision about whether to enter the governor's race.

Reporter:  Robb Hays, WAFB.COM