Bush Renews Vow to Veto Legislation with Troop Withdrawal Deadline

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush says politicians on Capitol Hill should not dictate "arbitrary timelines" to military commanders in Iraq.

The president is accusing congressional Democrats of meddling in Iraq war policy.

Speaking Wednesday morning at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association meeting, the president said the consequences of setting a troop withdrawal deadline would be "disastrous." The president says America's enemies in Iraq would wait for U.S. troops to leave and then use their "new safe haven."

The Senate resumes debate Wednesday on a bill that contains a spring 2008 timetable for troop withdrawal. Democrats say President Bush will have to accept a withdrawal deadline in exchange for the billions of dollars needed to fund the war.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he hopes the president understands "how serious" they are.

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