Release of Carbon Dioxide to Atmosphere


What is your opinion on the view that "CO2 has to be stopped"?


Seems to me that -- in two "rational" words -- NOT POSSIBLE ... at least not in our lifetime.  Modest reductions, yes ... but even if the U.S. (#1 CO2 country) were to figure out a way to completely cease CO2 emissions immediately, the developing countries of the world (China, India & others) are unlikely to squash their recent expansions into the global economy by ending their own fossil-fuel use.

Oh ... and when U.S. fossil fuel consumption does decline (oil & Natural Gas) ... once, again, Louisiana will be left hurting, and likely on her own to deal with the abandoned and deteriorating infrastructure of the Oil & Gas industry that extends through our coastal waters, spreads throughout our coastal marshes and dots the landscape across the state!

Still .. yes .. we must move to alternative sources ASAP. And not for the sake of our atmosphere (a vital and just reason, but not a critical economic driver!) ... but for the sake of reliable energy resources for coming generations!

Jay Grymes
Chief Meteorologist
WAFB Storm Team