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Movie Crews Shooting in Baton Rouge

You might have noticed the movie crews sprinkled around Baton Rouge, Friday. Another production is being filmed here in the Capitol City.

The movie-makers were in four different spots around Baton Rouge, mainly along Government Street. Producers says they picked that spot because they needed an "urban setting" to get things rolling.

Baton Rouge is quickly becoming a movie production favorite. A five-week production shoot is underway along Government Street for the film called A Good Man is Hard to Find. The faith-based movie is about a married couple that fights to overcome infidelity.

Louisiana Media Production, which is based in Baton Rouge, is heading up the project. Jordan Kessler, who heads up the company, says film tax incentives are what lured the production to Baton Rouge.

Kessler says, "There's other states that offer higher percentages of tax credits, but they don't have the infrastructure that Louisiana has."

The production budget for the film is set at $2 million. The city is expected to benefit to the tune of about $500,000. Not only is the movie being produced mostly by locals, it's giving hopeful movie stars the chance to shine.

Lamar Hebert, an extra, says, "We don't have to go all the way to Los Angeles, Hollywood to try and audition for roles. We can do them right here."

Many business owners in the Garden District along Government Street believe this film production is good for Baton Rouge's economy.

Lisa West, a beauty shop owner, says, "Even with the action that went on today, people were coming in and stopping, so it was exposure."

Many of the film's extras feel good about Louisiana's future in the film industry.

Susie Labry, an extra, says, "To me, this is like the new Hollywood of tomorrow here in Baton Rouge."

The filmmakers say this is the first film of at least six movies scheduled to be produced in the Baton Rouge area by this particular production company.


Reporter:  Maria Guerrero, WAFB 9NEWS



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