New Hope For Sufferers Of Severe Vertigo Arrives In Baton Rouge

Vesticon, Inc has announced the start of a large study for positional vertigo at the Ear and Balance Institute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The study will be using the Epley Omniax, a new technology designed to non-invasively diagnose and treat Positional Vertigo, the most common vestibular disorder. Funding for development of the technology and the study came from the National Institutes of Health.

The two other sites involved in the 180-patient study include a top research group at Legacy Hospital in Portland, Oregon and the Portland Otologic Clinic.

The Epley Omniax analyzes abnormal patterns of eye movement, which are involuntary responses to loose particles in the semi-circular canals that cause vertigo attacks. It also assists physicians to "reposition" the particles out of canals by moving patients in different positions, including a "360 degree flip." The Epley Omniax is the culmination of over two decades of effort and is based on a new understanding of vertigo that eliminates the need for surgery, but that has only been widely recognized in the last decade.

The Ear and Balance Institute is the only medical practice in Louisiana that specializes in Neuro-Otology and has diagnostic capabilities found in only a handful of vestibular centers in the country. The most common problems encountered in this specialty are hearing loss, dizziness and vertigo. The physicians of the Ear and Balance Institute have extensive training and expertise in the field. Dr. James Soileau is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist who has 30 years of experience with advanced diagnostic testing and treatment for vertigo and dizziness. Dr. Gerard Gianoli is Board Certified in Otolaryngology and is one of only about 120 Board Certified Neuro-Otologists in the United States.  He has extensive experience in the surgical treatment of all aspects of neuro-otologic and skull base disorders.

To see if you qualify to participate in the Omnimax study, call the Ear and Balance Institute at 225-293-6973.