Katrina Couple That Lived in Car Moves into FEMA Trailer

MOVING DAY Photograph by: Rob Hollins, WAFB-TV
MOVING DAY Photograph by: Rob Hollins, WAFB-TV

A Hurricane Katrina couple who lost their home in Venice had been living in a car for eight months, but as of Wednesday, they were back in a home.

FEMA found them a trailer in Renaissance Village, but the Katrina evacuees still want to know why it took WAFB 9NEWS to get results.

FEMA officials say it's a problem that has been corrected, but the newest residents of the Renaissance Village neighborhood say there are still people who need trailers and haven't gotten them.

Ann Garrett and David Hanvy have slept in their car for the past eight months, now the car and the worries are unloaded.

Hanvy says, "It's a lot better than living in the car 'cause look how tall I am. It's hard sleeping in a Toyota...ha, ha, ha."

Garrett says, "We went all over for help, and it seemed like nobody wanted to help us."

The couple escaped Katrina with nothing. They say it was a long drive, but now they're parked for a while, ready to start over.

They've already met their neighbors, unpacked and gotten cozy in their new environment. This is what they've been waiting on for two years.

Garrett says, "Now I can have my grandkids come visit, spend the night, give my kids a break. My sister, my brother, they can come spend the weekend with me now."

Hanvy says, "I'm ready for them all to come by."

But they say they keep thinking about other people who are still waiting for a trailer, and all the empty homes around them.

Hanvy says, "It's ridiculous. People is on the streets right now that FEMA could help."

FEMA officials say they cannot confirm how many people are still waiting on trailers, but a Catholic aid group says there are still about 1,000 families on-hold for homes.