The Melting Pot's Quattro Formaggio Cheese Fondue


3oz Domestic white wine (you can substitute vegetable broth if you wish)

2 tsp. Pesto Sauce

3 tsp. Marinara Sauce

4 cheese blend (Fontina, asiago, provolone, and gruyere)

5 shakes of Worcestershire Sauce

11 tsp Mascarpone Cheese


Mix wine, pesto, and marinara together in your fondue pot (if you do not have one use a double boiler).  Allow for the mixture to warm up.  Add cheese blend slowly.  Be sure to stir/whip the cheese in between each addition of the cheese.  Be very careful not to make it too thick.  It should be more of a sauce rather than a dip.  Next, add the Worcestershire and the mascarpone cheese.  Whip the cheese until the mascarpone has melted.  ENJOY!

**It is very important that the cheese mixture is floured.  Place the cheese in a container and add a few tablespoons.  Shake the container until the cheese has a light coat of flour.  This will give you a consistency!