Household Tips From Our Viewers

  • I use 409 cleaner to remove spots from my sons white uniform shirts. It works great. 
    - Audrey
  • You can use shampoo to clean your bathtub when you are out of Comet, etc. Shampoo leaves a nice smell and you can clean your tile also with shampoo. I used the shampoo on the tile walls in my bathroom and it clean the grit in between the tiles. When I tried it for the first time, I did not have to clean my tub for two weeks, but now I do it every weekend to have the nice smell.
    Any shampoo would do. - Patsy
  • Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to each load of laundry you do. It not only prevents soap scum from forming on your clothes, but keeps the inside of your washing machine fresh and mildew free. - Wanda
  • We all have glass cookware (Pyrex, etc) that when you bake something in them they have baked on debris. No matter how many times you clean it the baked on food stays on the glass bakeware. I have discovered that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers will remove this baked on debris. -
  • Folex Instant Spot Remover for carpet. Unbelievable. Got a couple of spots, not ready for the rug doctor, it is awesome. I purchased it (Home Depot) because I guy I know that rents apartments uses it all the time. - Kim
  • You can put moth balls around your ponds, then the snakes will not get in your pond.
    - Betty
  • Want to get rid of those hard, stubborn microwave stains (chilli, cheese, spaghetti sauce)? Put a bowl of water in the microwave, turn microwave on for about 2 minutes, you want to get the water hot, be careful not to burn yourself. Remove bowl and clean microwave with a wet towel. The steam from the hot water has loosened the stubborn stains, so they just wipe off. - Cheryl
  • For clothing that ends up with a "soured" smell you can add 1 cup of ammonia to the rinse cycle of your wash and remove and dry as soon as cycle ends. - Jodie
  • I use baby oil on my stainless steel sink after I finish washing my dishes. Makes it shine, water repels and it sure does smell good! - Jodie
  • Add 1 teaspoon of salt and several cubes of ice to a stained coffee pot. Swirl around mixture to remove all stains then discard and rinse. - Amy
  • A few drops of Downy will remove fish odor from hands. also, put half water and half Downy in spray bottle to freshen linens, carpet, drapes, dry clean clothes, etc. I use the pink top. - Kathy
  • Apply Crest toothpaste to ant bites, especially on children. Soothes the hurt and reduces redness/swelling. - Sandra