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Body of Missing Girl Found

Kaitlin Aydell Kaitlin Aydell

In the small town of French Settlement, the close-knit community gathered with family as the news began to circulate that a body was discovered a few miles away.

Police confirmed Saturday night what many had feared. The body was that of 13-year-old Kaitlin Aydell. Kaitlin was found dead by volunteers who were searching for her.

The two men who found her say they noticed a pile of leaves that just didn't look right.

She was found partially underwater just off Hwy. 936 in St. Amant near Gonzales.

"This is one of a hundred side roads they went through today," Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley said. "It was like a good fortune, almost like the good Lord led them there to get us to move forward with this in the way that we need to do."

Detectives from both Livingston and Ascension Parishes spent much of the night looking for any clue or tire track that can lead them to who killed Kaitlin.

Two candles were lit in Katilin's home Saturday night as family and friends prayed for their little Kay-Kay.

Kaitlin was reported missing Thursday afternoon. Her mom, Danette, says she spoke with her daughter after she got home from school. That would be the last time the two spoke.

Kaitlin, her cell phone and her keys were missing when Danette got home from work.

On Friday morning deputies arrested 39-year-old Mark Sterling Lewis. He's related to Kaitlin by marriage. Lewis is charges with obstruction of justice because deputies say he lied about where he was the day Kaitlin disappeared. Lewis was also found with scratches on his face when he was arrested.

Lewis was arrested in 1995 for kidnapping. He served two years of a seven year sentence for that charge.

At this point, Lewis is not a suspect in Katilin's disappearance.

Reporters: Avery Davidson and Daniel Brown

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